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Studio Policies 


Tuition is nonrefundable as well as costume fees and registration fees. Full tuition is still due regardless of missed classes, bad weather or holidays. We will email you an invoice for tuition or if you want to pay offline with cash or check please message us. Tuition must be paid by the 10th of each month or it may result in a late fee.

Dress Code

Student must be in dress code for every class. Each student will have 2 weeks after registration to be in full dress code attire.

  • Ballet classes: solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun  (ballet skirts and spandex shorts optional)

  • Jazz classes: solid color leotard, skin color tights, black jazz shoes, hair out of face. (athletic shorts optional) 

  • Tap classes: Comfortable athletic clothes,Black tap shoes, hair out of the face.Please wear socks or tights with tap shoes. 

  • Hip hop classes: Comfortable athletic clothes, tennis shoes, hair out of the face.

  • Boys dress code: Solid color T-shirt, athletic shorts, white/black socks, the correct shoe for each class. Boys ballet shoes should be black.

Student/Parent Conduct

Students must leave cellphones/electronics outside in the waiting room and on silent. No food or beverages beside water will be allowed into the dance studio.Students must treat other dancers and staff with kindness and respect. Any unacceptable behavior may result in the student sitting out of class. Parents/guardians and other family members must be respectful of the classes taking place and the other family and dancers, while in the waiting room. We ask both parents/students to please email us if any issue arises.


Once the student has registered him/her must attend every class of the semester in the class they registered for. We must be informed as far in advance as possible if the students is unable to make a class due to illnesses, emergencies or mandatory school events. Student must come to class and take notes in the case of a temporary injury. Students who arrive late may sit out of a portion of class in order to warm up properly before rejoining. Once you have 4 absences within a semester you may be pulled from the upcoming performance.

Rules and Regulations
  • No smoking inside the building or within 20 feet of the studio building

  • No guests observers or parents allowed in the studio during class time

  • Please wait until the current class is over before entering the studio

  • Do not chew gum or wear jewelry while in dance class (stud earrings are okay)

  • Photography/Video is prohibited during class time

  • Please don't use any inappropriate language while in the building

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