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Mini Movers Ages 3-5       
Our Mini Movers will learn basic ballet steps in a fun engaging environment. We focus on building a foundation for terminology and technique. This class consist of energetic games, fun props and a lot of dancing. We hope that your little ballerina leaves with a passion and love for dance.


Mini Movers Class $45 a Month
Petite Performers  Ages 5-7 

We will focus on building the proper technique and teaching proper terminology in our petite performers classes. Classes will include warm-ups, across the floor exercise and center combinations. This is a great place for new dancers to start learning and loving the art of dance.

Ballet Class $50 a Month


Tap/Jazz Combo $60 a Month


Hip Hop $50 a Month 

Rising Stars Ages 8-12

Our Rising Star Classes will include energetic exercises, stretching and technique, as well as learning fun dance combinations. We have a variety of dance styles to choose from. All of them will be a great, fun way for kids to be active and improve their dance skills.

Ballet $50 a Month


Hip Hop $50 a Month


Jazz $50 a Month


Lyrical $45 a Month


 Tap $50 a month

Unlimited Package $200 a Month

Dynamic Dancers​ Ages 12-18

Our Dynamic Dancers will be learning new strengthening exercises, individualized steps and energetic center combinations. We will introduce faster dance combinations and more complex tricks to our advanced dancers. They can choose any of the different dance styles to help them grow in their career 

Ballet $50 a Month

Contemporary $50 a Month

Hip Hop $50 a Month 

Jazz $50 a Month 

Unlimited Package $200 a Month 

Worship in Motion Class Ages 7-12

This dance class includes the use of our dance ribbons, learning new dance combinations and opportunities to make up some of your own moves. All set to worship and praise music!

$45 a Month

Pre Pointe/Technique Ages 10-18

This mini class will focus on building up the correct muscles and technique needed for Pointe' work. Dancers will also learn about the Pointe' shoe itself !

$25 a month

Homeschool Morning Ballet Ages 3-7

A perfect morning activity for homeschool families or anyone else who is just a morning person. This class will introduce the basics of Ballet while increasing strength and flexibility. We also like to have a little fun with props and dance games!

$50 a  month

Progressing Ballet Technique​  This technique will be occasionally taught within our Ballet classes. Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best .



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